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I graduated from The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado in 2000 and have been practicing Rolfing since that time.

A dedicated learner, I also founded the Liberated Body Podcast as a continuing education resource for those in the manual and movement therapy fields. On the show I have to opportunity to talk with somatic thought leaders across a wide variety of disciplines. This gives me a unique opportunity to to stay current with the research and resources that help us to better understand and inhabit our bodies. 

In addition to Rolfing, I have studied the movement therapies Yoga Tune Up® with founder Jill Miller, and MovNat with founder Erwan LeCorre. A firm believer in "teaching people to fish", these movement therapy approaches allow me to teach her clients valuable self-care and conscious corrective movement that they can put to use outside of a session. I also teach private classes which incorporate Yoga Tune Up and MovNat. 

How I came to be a Rolfer: I grew up with chronic pain and neurological challenges as a result of a birth injury (cord strangulation). By the time I was in my early twenties I was faced with the reality of a very broken down and painful body. Unable to open my mouth, turn my head to the right, or to bear much weight on my right leg, I worked with numerous doctors. One of my main doctors thankfully recommended that I seek out bodywork, and that led me to find Rolfing. (Thank you Dr. Murad Padamsee at the Tufts Craniofacial Pain Center!). 

After (and during) my initial ten-series of Rolfing sessions I experienced a pain-free body for the first time in my 23 years. Elated, inspired, and deeply grateful to this work, I knew I wanted to train in Rolfing and share it with others who might be struggling similarly.  


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