I was tired of my neck/back issues ruling my life, walking around with pinched nerves, a stiff neck, and making emergency physical therapy appointments just so I could deal with the pain and try to return to work.

It was at this point that I crossed paths with Brooke, and decided to give Rolfing a try.

I found immediate relief and within a few sessions, it was clear that my problem was losing to Brooke’s healing powers: my pain was gone, and I didn’t feel like I was tiptoeing around a chronic problem any longer. Now, 4 years later, I still have not had a single eruption of what was once a monthly issue.

Brooke is obviously a skilled healer – but she didn’t just treat my neck – she addressed my issues as a whole person. She helped me sort out habits that may have been contributing to my problem, taught me exercises to help when away from her, coached me on the anxiety I endured due to it, and clearly articulated the mechanics of the problem and the solution as she saw it. She does all this while dropping amusing witticisms which keep you chuckling and looking forward to seeing her again. I would return to her in a heartbeat.
Michelle Z.

As a Rolfing practitioner Brooke’s professionalism and skill had a profound effect on my life. I am not exaggerating when I say that my experience with Rolfing was life changing.

Living in the world of bodyworkers and health care professionals I have had the opportunity to meet and work with more than my share.

To me one of the finest traits a bodyworker can have is humility. When someone with humility puts their hands on you the transmission is genuine and heartfelt. It is a huge distinction in our business as those with ego are often wrapped up in how they can fix you and what they can do for you. Someone such as Brooke is tapped into a much deeper energy, one of healing and grace.

That was my experience on the table receiving Rolfing sessions. I have also had the good fortune of referring many of my walking clients and yoga students to Brooke. I never heard a complaint from any of them and almost always heard amazing comments both about Brooke and from the results of the treatments.

As a practitioner who refers clients to other professionals, the value of having someone that you know and trust completely to refer clients too cannot be understated. I always looked forward to seeing clients after their first session with Brooke because the work she did always reinforced their faith in me. The work we do is all about trust and having Brooke on my team was a guarantee that that that trust would never be broken.

I can’t imagine anyone I would recommend more highly than Brooke.
Jonathan F.

I went to Brooke for Rolfing after suffering multiple joint injuries and working with a long history of scoliosis.

Prior to meeting her, I had some concerns that Rolfing would be too challenging, or quite simply “scary.” WIth Brooke, it was not. Suffice to say that she is one of the best bodyworkers I have had the pleasure of working with.I learned so much about my body and felt that the ten sessions completely changed my relationship to my customary aches and pains.

Brooke is a lovely person who immediately makes you feel comfortable with her warm and compassionate manner and grounded presence. She makes the whole experience safe and comfortable. In short, she allayed any fears I may have had about Rolfing.I have sent friends to her with utter confidence, knowing that not only would they be in safe hands, but that Brooke would change their lives, physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Gwendolyn A.

When people hear I’ve been Rolfed, they always ask if it was painful.

I tell them that at first my body would tense up, as if saying “oh no! Not there! Don’t go in there!” But with Brooke’s deft touch and her instructions on how to breathe into it, it would be mere seconds before my body changed its tune, let out a big sigh, and I’d feel an incredible sense of release. It’s good stuff.

After the session where we worked on my shoulders, I had a brand new walk. Now when I walked down the street, my shoulders moved, rolled and bounced–I felt sassy and free, and I could just hear “Staying alive” playing in the background. Even my husband noticed. I had no idea how much I had been trying to hold myself up with my shoulders, and how tired and tight they had become.

I have also found that my Rolfing work with Brooke gave me a structural integrity that has stood by, patiently waiting for me, while I’ve gone through some major life changes–having a baby, namely–and haven’t been able to spend as much time taking care of myself (with yoga and massage). When I do get off track and my muscles start clenching up, it doesn’t take me as long to get back on board.

The process of Rolfing gives you so much information about yourself–where you’re overworking, where you need more attention. It’s a fascinating and liberating process. If you’re curious about Rolfing, and are lucky enough to be near Brooke, you owe it to yourself to at least try it. There’s a whole new reality waiting for you if you do.
Kate H.

Rolfing was a great experience for me

as I entered my early thirties. And I’m glad I decided to finally go for it, like I had been wanting to for some time. I think it likely influenced a lot of positive changes in my life overall. Brooke did a great job of walking me through the process so I could comprehend each session’s goals and the desired outcomes for my body. Brooke’s work has given me a rejuvenated spring to my step, which I am grateful for.
Stephen M.

I have pectus, which really affected the way my body moved.

Although I was a regular yogi, every pose was asymmetrical and there were some things I could just not manage with my condition. That changed dramatically for me after my Rolfing sessions with Brooke. Not only was the process of Rolfing great, but the effects continued well after the actual sessions ended. My body has continued to realign and become more balanced, and at ease throughout my daily life. And, I am able to do things in yoga that were totally unattainable before. While some of that is just practice, I attribute the majority of change in my posture and movement to my Rolfing sessions. Thank you Brooke!
Erin D.

Brooke is amazing. I had a shoulder injury which was giving me headaches and seemed to be impacting my whole body.

I knew this was all connected but couldn’t find a doctor or physical therapist that would look at the big picture. After one Rolfing session with Brooke I was improving, and after a series, I was feeling better than before the injury.

After I left New Haven I was in a bad car accident and I haven’t been able to find anyone as good to work with…in fact I’ve been tempted to fly back to CT just for a tune up with Brooke!
Caitlin O.

I’d heard about Rolfing, but had never experienced it. Lucky I found Brooke.

In the past, I’ve always felt aches and pains, whether it’s my lower back, my quads, my neck. You name it. Since going through the 10-session, I’ve noticed virtually no aches or pains. Overall, I’m feeling a greater sense of balance and wholeness. In short, I feel I’m in good hands with Brooke, a wonderful Rolfer.
Leonard F.